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20 Best Diwali Quotes, Wishes In 2018 With Images

All over India, Diwali is the biggest festival which is celebrated at wide level. It is also known as the festival of lights. We all indians of every ages enjoy this festival by making Rangoli, decorating home, wearing new dresses, preparing sweets, lighting lamps and diyas, lit firecrackers and sending Diwali wishes to everyone. To help you wishing to your dear one, here we have compiled a superb collection of Deepavali messages quotes in Hindi, Diwali quotes greetings English, best Diwali slogans in English. Diwali quotes that are presented here, all are vibrant in order to top quality and standard. You may also like to read best diwali shayari 2018.

Short 2 Line Diwali Quote In 2018-

Short Diwali Quote In 2018
Short Diwali Quote In 2018

1. May this Diwali festival be bright for you and your family. May God fulfill all your wishes this Diwali. Happy Diwali!

2. Let this Diwali shed all your bad situations and give you in wonderful times.

3. May the festival of lights (deepavali) lighten up you , your friends and dear ones .

4. I wish that the lights of Diwali light up the minds of all the people who have been misled by the demon. The lights are more powerful than the darkness of the evil.

5. The festival of light is filled up with delight. Let me double the happiness of your Diwali night. Happy Diwali to u!

6. May goddess Kali, Lakshmi blessed you with happiness, wealth, health and being to last through the year. Happy Diwali.

7. Wishing you and your family a great unforgettable Diwali!!! Have lots of fun with safety, Happy Diwali!!

8. May this Diwali of 2018 fill you with good luck, happiness, joy and success in all your hard work in life. God bless u!

9. No favor SMS, Not going practical, No rhyming texts, Just a simple and sweet message To wish you Happy Diwali 2018.

10. May u go on with your life with full of happiness like the celebration of Diwali, upbeat sound, good wealth. Wish u Very Happy Diwali.

4 Lines Diwali Quotes In 2018-

4 Lines Diwali Quotes
4 Lines Diwali Quotes
  • May this Diwali become the box of Happiness, Wealth & Positivity
    Because this holy festival fulfills the air together with love & joy,
    here’s I am hoping this ocassion of lights & charm gives you a lot,
    lit sparkles of delight, which keep with you by this occasions onward.
  • May this memorable ocassion gives all your family members
    loads of blessings in all forms
    wealth, foods and whatever.
    Your family should get these kinds of gifts
    as being a good one all through this year.
  • Celebrate this ocassion of light
    Have fun and enjoy this Diwali
    Celebrate God’s Triumph
    Wish a Happy Diwali to you
  • With shine of Diyas and candel
    And the sound of the mantras
    May Bliss & Happiness Fill up ur life
    Wishing u a really happy and victorious Diwali.
  • Deep Jalte jalteJagmagate Rahe,
    Haam Aapko aur Aap Humme Yaad Aate hai,
    Jab Taak meri Zindagi Hai,
    tab taak Dua Hai Hamari,
    Aap Chand Ki Tarah chamakte Rahe. Happy Diwali!
  • The stunning ocassion of treats and sweets
    Everyone is celebrating a noble party
    Whenever old and young with pleasure fulfill.
    And with love and devotion do all hearts beat.
    Wishing You a great Happy Diwali
  • This festival filled up with lovely stories and memories,
    forest filled with trees,
    mouth filled with sweets,
    house filled up with diyas & candels and heart filled with joy and happiness.
  • May hundreds of lights light up your life
    With joy, wealth, wellness & prosperity forever
    wishing you and your family a great
  • Praying good health, much more wealth,
    Silent quietness, massive popularity, deep love,
    sweet feelings, real desires and
    best respect on your life… Happy Diwali 2018


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